José Parlá for One World Trade Center

ontinuing to make his mark in New York with high profile projects (also see Barclays Center & BAM), José Parlárecently unveiled a new mural in the One World Trade Center. The 1776 feet tall building in Manhattan took 13 years of construction and cost $3.9 billion, and stands near where the Twin Towers collapsed after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The locally based artist was the perfect choice in terms of his history in the area as well as the fact that the curatorial team was looking for abstract works that had a unifying theme.


Taking over eight months to complete, the massive 90 foot mural entitled One: Union of the Senses will greet guests and visitors in the lobby of the building as well as introduce them to Parlá’s colorful urban calligraphy. For a closer look at the mural, check out this video from ARTINFO, who recently visited him in his studio.

Photo credit: Rey & José Parlá. MORE PICTURES HERE

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