#ARTBASEL EVENT: Revolt TV presents Blended Cultures Artist Series At Brisky Gallery – 12/04/14


REVOLT invites you to attend an exclusive press preview for #REVOLTBlendedCultures on Saturday, December 6th from 6-7pm at the Brisky Gallery featuring live music and live painting by artists SP, China, QA and Bryan Blue. Please RSVP to revolt@42West.net.

ABOUT CHINO – As a youth David Villorente made his name ubiquitous on the subways and walls on New York City. Today he is widely considered one of the foremost practitioners and ambassadors of graffiti art in the world. His reign as the eleven-year editor of both the “Bomb Shelter” and “Graf Flix” graffiti features in The Source magazine cemented his position as an important arbiter within the graffiti community. Villorente co-authored the definitive tomes “Mascots and Mugs” (Testify), and the best-selling Piecebook series; “Piecebook”, “Piecebook Reloaded” and “World Piecebook”(Prestel). His firsthand knowledge of the graf game and all its past, present and future players makes him an indispensable source for dozens of other publications. With numerous speaking engagements & shows under his belt and more on the horizon, Villorente continues to share his vital knowledge of graffiti culture with the masses. David currently resides in his native borough, beautiful Brooklyn, New York.

ABOUT QA – Andrea von Bujdoss (AKA graffiti nickname “Queen Andrea”) is a New York City based fine artist, typographer, graffiti artist and graphic designer. A die-hard native New Yorker raised in the vibrant neighborhood of Soho Manhattan, Andrea has been deeply inspired by the urban landscape from an early age. As a young teen part of a newer generation of early 1990’s graffiti writers, she befriended some of the most prolific old school subway graffiti writers and diligently taught herself the complicated artform of graffiti by consistently practicing her letters and eventually developing her own unique style. She then earned a BFA in Graphic Design and began a successful career, working for worldwide brands who appreciate both the urban creative flavor of her work and her versatile and passionate knowledge of typography, branding and visual communication. Her work has directly impacted graffiti, streetwear and urban culture. Andrea has spent 18 years perfecting her graffiti and typography skillset and she is consistently evolving her graphic style, pushing her own creative boundaries and building new, exciting visual vocabularies. At the same time, she is one of the most skilled and notable female graffiti artists in the world, possessing a highly creative and advanced style, inspired by the vibrancy of the urban landscape.

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