Rest in Peace KORN

Rest in peace Notorious Korn aka Jeffrey Gamblero .

Nets Superfan, Jeffrey Vanchiro, Is on Ventilator After Two-Story

Jeffrey Vanchiro, who had gained widespread attention as a colorful and outspoken fan of the Nets, was on a ventilator late Sunday afternoon and was not expected to survive after falling from a second-story window in Flushing, Queens, late on Saturday night.

Vanchiro was staying at his father’s house Saturday night. Vanchiro’s fiancée, Kristi Evans, who was with Vanchiro’s family at New York Hospital Queens on Sunday, said that Vanchiro’s father told her that Vanchiro awoke apparently disoriented and leapt from the building. Evans said that Vanchiro sustained severe brain damage and a fractured spinal cord in the fall, and that his brain had stopped functioning Sunday morning.

The 38-year-old Vanchiro, who also went by the alias Jeffrey Gamblero, was gaining fame as an enthusiastic Nets season- ticket holder who wore colorful outfits to Barclays Center and often ended up on the Jumbotron while dancing up and down the aisles of the arena.

Evans said Vanchiro, who had lost the lower part of his left leg in an accident several years ago, had been behaving erratically since being ejected from Madison Square Garden on Dec. 2, when the Nets faced the Knicks. Video showed Vanchiro being carried out of the arena by multiple security guards and was widely shared in the news media that night and in the following days. In the video Vanchiro is missing his prosthetic left leg, which he had said that he removed during an exchange with the security guards.

“After that, he was a completely different person,” Evans said. “He was paranoid. He was erratic. He was frightened. He was horrified. He was a bit delusional. He was having a lot of trouble sleeping. He couldn’t sleep at all. When he would sleep, or try to sleep, it would only take about 10 or 15 minutes before he would jump up screaming covered in sweat.”

Evans said that Vanchiro had sustained minor head injuries and a sprained his lower back the night that he was carried out of his seat at Madison Square Garden. A Knicks spokesman that night said that Vanchiro had been warned about unruly behavior before being ejected. Vanchiro said afterward that he had been standing and cheering loudly.

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