Horfee x Case Studyo “Willy the Wheel” Sculpture

Case Studyo is releasing a new edition sculpture in collaboration with Horfee called “Willy the Wheel.” Parisian artist Horfee is distinguished by his universe of chaotic landscapes and figures found on numerous street walls and galleries. The sculpture’s title comes from the namesake character frequently seen in Horfee’s drawings and artistic playground. Willy the Wheel was a natural choice for the creation of a dynamic and playful piece that is fitting of Horfee’s energetic art. Made of resin, the sculpture is sized at 25 cm x 25 cm (about 9.8 inches x 9.8 inches), and also comes in an edition of 8 + 4 AP’s. It comes packaged in a wooden box that includes a silkscreen drawing of the character and a signed and numbered certificate by Horfee. You can get the “Willy the Wheel” sculpture from Case Studyo on December 18. (via)


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