Jeffrey Gamblero is Art

I really don’t know what to say. The passing of Jeffrey Gamblero or Korn is one of the saddest things ever. He was such a positive person who always let people into his world. He was always trying to spread his art. We started working together recently, wanting to document his artwork and techniques. He always talked about how he wanted world peace and that was his ultimate goal in life…some people say that but he truly meant it and I believed he really felt that way 100%.

About a month ago, Jeff and I got together and went up to a rooftop in Brooklyn to throw up a piece. He didn’t have to take me there, but he did because he wanted to share his art with me and the world. I recorded our excursion and his performance while getting an interview. We were waiting for the right time to drop the video and it was supposed to be the beginning of something bigger. Now it just seems appropriate drop.

RIP Jeffrey “Korn” Gamblero — You will be missed.


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