NYPD says they have nabbed an elusive Queens graffiti artist

“Shorty 140” is the tag line of a phantom-like graffiti artist whose ability to paint overpasses all over Queens and slip away undetected has confounded the NYPD.
The scrawlings were the kind of vandalism that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton once said drove him out of his mind as he went back and forth to his summer home in the Hamptons.
“This subject, Shorty 140, had been beating us up pretty good along the parkways,” said Capt. Elwood Selover, commander of the citywide vandals task force, which investigates graffiti.
While the spray-painting of phrases and drawings is considered by many to be an urban art form, to Bratton it’s another quality-of-life crime.

More here –> http://www.newsday.com/news/new-york/nypd-says-they-have-nabbed-an-elusive-queens-graffiti-artist-1.9706272

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