Interview: TERRIBLE T-KID 170

E.T. Pioneers in anything tend to be the ones to benefit least from their contributions in creating it. This seems to be the case in all genres of music, art and pretty much anything that requires creativity and stepping outside the box. I personally recognize you as a legend and a major contributor to graffiti history and culture. If you could go back and approach something within your career different what would  it be? Also what can graffiti culture do for our pioneers… how can we give back to our teachers?

T-KID When it comes to pioneers not benefiting I kind of agree and disagree. When the smoke clears and it’s all said and done. Culture has a way of finding its origins, and the simple knowledge of where it came from or from who it came from is an asset that can’t be measured in a monetary sense.  I wouldn’t approach anything differently in my graffiti career.
All that transpired was necessary to make me the person I am today, and
today you guys tell me that I’m a legend in this culture. The only thing this culture can do for us pioneers is recognize us. understand and appreciate what we’ve done and why we did it. What can be given to us pioneers today you ask? Is to do what they did in days gone bye. Let the future know who we were, what we did and  why we did it. Never forget where this all came from.

E.T. As a youngster a writer can be heartless when it comes to bombing and I’m sure in your bombing prime you were about as heartless as they make em. lol. As a grown man living
in 2015 how do you feel about bombing?  Do you view it differently or do you still feel the same about it?

T-KID Someone told me rebellion is a young man’s game. A good rebel is as heartless as they come and yes that was me  in years past.  And because of that I have no opinion on how a young rebel in today’s world chooses to express him or herself. Those who practice the art of Graffiti do what they have to do and do it as much as they need to do it. We all went through a right of passage to find our talent. Some have no talent and just stick with the destructive nature till they out grow it, where others discover that expression is more then just putting a name up on a wall. To really appreciate this question we have to understand human nature and the effect society has on a young person growing up in this world today.


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