PUMP PUMP Todd James @ Alice Gallery

ALICE GALLERY is very happy to welcome back the New York artist Todd James for a second Solo show at the gallery

Todd James stroke critics the American way of life as well as expresses his affection for it.

In brief, he denounces, with humor, the sexualisation of the weapons by the military-industrial lobby, the hedonist cliché of an American happiness, the occidental female beauty stereotypes, the stylized portrayal of violence with the middle East terrorists and gangsters and the one of the video games. However, the graphical aesthetic of the critic is itself attractive  trough the colored and minimal shapes. This fascination for the form of the message brings the content closer.

Todd James goes beyond the sentence to signify, subtly by the artwork’s beauty, our belonging to this crazy world.

The New Yorker’s iconoclast aesthetic refers to publicity and the American cartoons as well as Matisse.

The work of Todd James describes a schizophrenic society, aware of its own responsibility and casual by hedonism. His plastic humor works as fuel for the progressive mind.


“Untitled” 2015, gouache on paper, 112 x 120cm

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