Janette Beckman : MashUp show

Notorious Photographer Janette Beckman holding her new show untitled Mashup at Le Salon in Paris . The show consists in classic HipHop pictures featuring LL Cool J , Salt and Peepa , Stetsasonic and more but embellished by a team of  Nyc Writers such as Trike , Tkid170  , ChinoByi or Part Tds to name a few . The show will last till the 02/04 , if you in Paris , the address is Le Salon (Atelier Galerie) 92 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris .

Chino byi gave us the story behind his picture :


I got caught up in a cross out war with Sago WOW crew in the late 80s. We were going over each other on the Stetson hat sign behind Stetsasonic. I have about 6 – 7 tags and partially crossed out tags in the original photo. Word up magazine published it in 1988. Almost 30 years later I have the honor of collaborating with Jeanette on using the same image emoji


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