The salon at automatic sweat is pleased to announce American Remains, an exhibition of sculptures and installations by SeMeN SPeRmS and Nick Stewart, on view through Feb. 28th. For additional information please visit http://www.automaticsweat.com/calendar/.”
‘AMERICAN REMAINS’  is the new show at John Papsidera‘s  gallery space in Los Angeles for the month of February,  kicking it off with the opening reception next Saturday, January 31st.  The show features contemporary artist Nick Stewart (Palo Alto, Paul and Andre’s) and cultural innovator SeMen SPeRmS (Supreme, aNYthing, IRAK NY). The exhibition will include installations and sculptures by both Nick and Simon, inspired by the concept of Contemporary American Folklore. We would love to have you celebrate the opening with us and can arrange a walk though at any time throughout the month of February.

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