6 Artists Who Are Bringing Graffiti Back to the Streets (and on to Instagram)

As graffiti evolves from a renegade act into a respected art form in its own right, with splashy museum shows and legal murals commissioned from street-art stars, a group of New York artists is pushing the once outlaw practice further underground. “The culture is about ‘Ups,’” explains one such tagger, the renowned Brooklyn artist Cash4.


Translation: to be a star in his world, you have to be respected by other taggers, not by fancy auction houses. It’s style that distinguishes artists like Cash4 from the mainstream. He and his contemporaries write quick tags on as many surfaces as possible, without worrying too much about perfecting the end result. They also share their work on Instagram, informing their followers where they have stamped their signatures—the more inaccessible and drastic, the more impressive. Here are six New York artists who are exposing the rawer side of writing.


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