Graffiti artist Zexor tagging Bushwick Collective’s murals, blames them for gentrifying

In the last several weeks, Xerorocks has been tagging — and sometimes painting over — many of Bushwick Collective’s murals:

ZEXOR, a graffiti writer born and bred in NYC, has been on a rampage lately, defacing (or beautifying, depending on who you talk to) one mural after another with spray paint. His main target? The Bushwick Collective, an ongoing street art project that facilitates the painting of scores of walls by urban artists.

The Collective was founded in 2011 by lifelong Bushwick resident Joe Ficalora as a way to combat area graffiti, which he sees an eyesore.

Here he is on Instagram, explaining his beef with Bushwick Collective:

But when you have people taking away from the neighborhood like joe … How can these people have a chance if not given one if this man is taking away and not inviting it’s own people from the community to these walls…

He brings in these artist [sic] from all around the world to Bushwick and ultimately many people like it and what was considered…the poorest neighborhood in all of NYC is now…the most expensive to live in. So don’t tell me about my hood and who has done what you know nothing. You’re the outsider we want out.

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