Brame UW takes us down memory lane…

“Skate Key in The Bronx was the place to be back in the days. I witnessed so many great b-boy battles at this rink. I remember rollerskating to so many now classic records… one of my favorites being Shannon’s “Give Me Tonight.” As a 13 year old then, this was the record to hold hands with that girl you wanted to vibe with and enjoy her company on the rink.” — BRAME UW

BRAME recently shared 20 records from the 70s and 80s that continue to inspire and inform his artwork. Listen to them here.

3 thoughts on “SKATE KEY, THE PLACE TO BE

    1. CokeOne, yes, Skate Key started on White Plains Rd. near Pelham Pky. That’s where I remember it at during the 80s. Skate Key did moved to the South Bronx on 138th St. near Third Ave. (Mott Haven) before closing in 2006. Perhaps the reason for how I’ve been misquote. Not the first time it happens.

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