Street Art Stripped From 190 Bowery

n the 1960s, photographer Jay Maisel scooped up this old circa-1800s building for just over $100,000, calling the 72 rooms at 190 Bowery home for around 50 years. Maisel didn’t do much cleaning up—in fact, the place has looked downright abandoned—and allowed graffiti and street art to cover the exterior, making the massive building a testament to the older days of the Bowery, which has gone on to change significantly in recent years.

photo 1 (9)

Maisel put the place on the market last year, and it sold pretty quickly for a cool $55 million. In order to turn this gorgeous landmarked building into something a little $ellable to future homeowners, it is now being stripped of all graffiti. Click through for a look at the whitewashing that took place this afternoon—by the time you’re done this place will be luxury condos.


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