Intro: Jesse Carr
Interview: Yu-Ming Wu
Photography by: Mengwen Cao, Daniel Dorsa, Yu-Ming Wu

Futura 2000 is a name known to many as a graffiti innovator and OG legend. His iconic work went from adorning the sides of subway cars to finding company alongside Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Kieth Haring in galleries worldwide. With appearances and work with musicians ranging from The Clash to U.N.K.L.E. and collaborations with influential giants like Nike, Supreme, Medicom, BAPE, and many more, Futura has crafted a resume that spans decades and movements. His signature handstyle and improvisational orbs are so recognizable that during a 3 minute video for Converse’s “Made By You” campaign where only the Chuck Taylors of over a dozen anonymous people are shown, he is immediately identified by painting a yellow sphere in his signature style.

We got the chance to sit with Futura 2000 and talk about his current Converse Made by You campaign. The idea for the movement is simple–showcase the Chucks that artists and influencers wear or have worn in the past. Futura’s black Chuck Taylor All-Stars are splattered with paint from his studio work over many months and photographed against a plain white background. Other artists like Patti Smith, BESS, Ron English, Glen O’Brien, Andy Warhol, have their custom Converse All-Stars featured to show how real influencers have worn them over the years.

This is not the first Futura-crafted Chuck. He worked on a limited edition box released with a Hennessy bottle he designed next to a black-on-black pair of Chucks with multi-color paint flecks. As we learned in our chat, the artist is no stranger to the Chuck Taylor, as it’s been a mainstay in his footwear rotation for his entire life. He tells us that he’s donned over a hundred, maybe even hundreds of pairs over the years. We also get a bit of a history lesson of a man whose pop culture involvement has spanned SIX decades. Futura has seen it all in the art world endured multiple phases of hype and popularity, but after all these years, he keeps coming back to the original Chuck Taylors. Click through to digest our chat with an art legend.

Read the full interview here

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