The Fifth Goal 1998-2003: Transcendental Graffiti Zine put together by a number of friends and supporters of Blake Donner who passed away in 2005. Published by Division Leap, the heavy in content (436 pages) book is an anthology of Blake Donner’s entire collection of zines made between 1988 and 2003. Focusing primarily on various freight train graffiti aspects, the zines original concept was much different in its inception and as the publisher explains, “ The Fifth Goal began as a zine devoted to spiritual questions within the framework of Krishna, with some graffiti shots, but by the time of the fourth issue the editor had abandoned the Krishna movement, and the zine became a spiritual exploration of freight train graffiti.” Printed in a high contrast esthetic with a cut and paste style, Donner’s zines are refreshing compared to the highly polished zines you commonplace today. Besides the immense collection of graffiti and moniker photos, Donner had some great interviews with icons of the rails like Collosus of Roads, Ghouls, Green Thumb and more.

There are only 250 copies in this edition and all profits from the book will be contributed to a scholarship in Blake’s name. We suggest you do yourself a favor and support a good cause while acquiring a gem of a book.






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