COST KRT Charged With Vandalism

Adam COST’s wheat pastes are ubiquitous in NYC, so it was a shock to everyone when the legendary graffiti artist was arrested by the NYPD last October. COST appeared in court earlier today to face charges, and allegeldly attempted to dodge photographers by hiding behind his lawyer and bowing his head.

While COST’s work is well known by many, the last time COST KRT’s picture has been published was back in 1995 after being charged with tagging a mailbox. Besides that incident, COST has managed to keep his face under the radar and was relatively unknown, even to many police officers.

The judge at the hearing estimated COST has caused millions of dollars in damage. He currently faces charges of mischief, graffiti, and more. (via)

3 thoughts on “COST KRT Charged With Vandalism

  1. I can feel that pain I was in the transition of putting the drugs and guns down after 20 years in the game to turning back to graffiti I thought I could do both. I got knocked with various drugs on me packaged for sale. while I was making graffiti and concealing tools of making graffiti The already 3 felonies didn’t help out much either. some how there was no probable cause for the arrest although they kept me with the graffiti charges considered to be a premeditated act and threw the drugs out. I much rather stand in front of the judge for graffiti charges instead of my old charges which claim that I am a career criminal. While completing the community service I enrolled in the art institute of Pittsburgh where I am now one of the top students which would not be possible with out the arrest. So I suggest he keep his chin up this may of happened to take him to the next level sometime the worse for us really means the best. We are artist and the study of our art takes us on a roller coaster ride we just have have our seat belts on.


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