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  1. hanging out with your boys holding each other's dicks is neither a tunnel nor an oppresed state says:

    hanging out with your boys holding each other’s dicks is neither a tunnel nor an oppresed state
    June 7, 2012

    Tunnel rat propagates the standard textbook race card/oppressed (but not really oppressed )person argument. Cliche at best. To0 much 1990′s “look at me I’m real” real “hip hop” bullshit.
    True thinking people don’t buy into that shit; unfortunately, few people know how to think, so you have all these so called (don’t know why I rebel) rebels, selling the masses “this art means something”. And these pseudo thinkers looking at them feeding their ego. Once no one is watching and the weak support system for a bunch of void content one-alphabet syntax-”style’ obsessed society-yes they are a society they will tell you they are anti society, or sub-society, but only to sell you their hype, at the end of the day, the house of cards still tumbles.

    Graffiti is a lot bigger than hip hop, how about reversing the tables, and consider:
    hip hop has attempted to co op graffiti!

    Finally 30 years later, these wannabe thug fakes will quit so no one will think they are hipsters who do graffiti. Yes let graffiti be labelled hipster culture. Let it be labelled gay culture, let it be labelled – [insert the label you most fear to be called here]-
    then after the glitz and glam and society or just “underground” enough to be known society- disappears the naked emperors will leave for fear of “THE LABEL”, then I will enjoy going for a walk and reading the walls, those will be the people whose writing I want to read, and whom I feel close to.

    because real graffiti is only for real losers, who don’t have a bunch of homeboys to hype their shit up. That is not the same thing as this “look at me” I am disenfranchised castaway of society, that so called tunnel rat and the people who brainwashed his/her generation will have you believe.

  2. He there this DECK WGF and I added your site to the link tab on my front page. Can you return the favor and add my site in your link section. Just as Deck Wgf.
    Thanks in advance

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