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  1. Yo whatyouwrite,

    Thank you so much for the review on our show with Crewest back in October. Stay tuned for new events we’re working on plus new bag drops. Mad respect!

  2. The AirGraFx Shop
    1008 E. PCH HWY.,
    Long Beach, CA 90803

    Reppin the Lowadek worldwide…

    ZC One.

  3. yo im doing a viedo call what u write i have a lot of hardcore footage hit my email so we can poliatic!!freshtroz@yahoo.com

  4. great page ill send some flicks of puerto rico graffiti for sure and the events i do . thats for putting up the flicks of ewok and copes tour on island . ill send in the fotos also of the evnt they came threw to vist agian much respects

    BLEN 167

  5. I was recently going through some old issues of “Crazy Kings Magazines” (actually issues 3 & 4) and noticed “Flashback Magazines” advertised in both and was wondering if you guys are still in the supply business (Caps, etc..)

    I recently opened a small tattoo studio in Queens, NYC and I want to make it “all things art” – and I definitely want to have ALL graffiti supplies available for all “clandestine artists” in Queens.

    If you or one of your subscribers can point me in the right direction so I can come official right-off-the-bat… It would definitely be appreciated.

    May the Aerosol Gods keep all Tags, Throws-Ups, Fill-Ins & Pieces Eternal. Thanx.

  6. 70s Kids is a Graffiti film not like any other Graffiti film, staring New York Graffiti Kings like Blade – Tracey168 – TKid – Fume – CoCo – Rolieo Dien – Mare 139 – Dr Revolt – Daze – Henry Chalfant – Martha Cooper – Eric Haze – Cope2 – Meres One & Dizm. The film is the 1st of a trilogy regarding the health issues of spray paint, part 1 is all about common sense advice with a few stories about how people are/was? Iz affected by spray paint, its not until part 2 & 3 that we dig deep and start shaking up the Graffiti world with chilling health issues and facts.

    The film will be online to view for FREE on the 1st of November at 11pm UK time over at http://www.graffitikings.co.uk, go to the Graffiti Kings website NOW to see the trailer.

  7. peace to all the graph heads.i, rest in tx now trying to reach out to my ny artist. Reach out & hit me up at sincereevelastong@ live.com…peace to,my tpa bredren.

  8. Hey guys!
    I’m a graffiti Artist from berlin/Germany and i worked hard on a video about the Berlin graffiti flavour. Here is the link: http://youtu.be/xNlLSKdKWxM

    There are artists in it like: Pekor(Blues Crew), rage(Spain), dejoe(gfa), hocus(painters), raws, riot, dzent and Tyos. I hope you like the video. It would be very nice if you could blog the Video in your page, so people can see how the Berlin guys rock the City. Sorry about my bad english! Greetings and respekt from berlin,
    Raws one

  9. AWARD WINNING GRAFFITI ARTIST KILLED BY POLICE ON MIAMI BEACH WHILE TAGGING: See news accounts: WSVN Ch. 7 (tv) Miami Herald, CNN etc.of Isreal Hernandez teenage artist/photographer killed this last Tuesday night by Police on Miami Beach Fl while tagging an abandoned McDonald’s building at 71 street and Collins Avenue Miami Beach, he was 17 or m18 years old. was killed by a police taser preliminary reports say. He was an award winning artist and mentor in art programs for younger artists in the Miami Area.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! TAGGING DOES NOT =DEATH!!!!!

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