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JonOne Solo Show /

For the first time in China for a solo show street art legend JonOne is the first one to exhibit at the new 18Gallery on Bund18. On this occasion JonOne will be flying to Shanghai in order to prepare a new series of works and make a live painting during the opening.

Be it for his talent as a graffiti artist or an abstract painter, JonOne is undeniably praised for his work and paintings worldwide. The colors, overflowing with communicative energy, give the impression of a modern stained glass painting.

JonOne starting doing graffiti on the walls and trains in the poor Harlem neighbourhoods where he grew up. “The subway’s a museum that goes back and forth through town”. He’s one of the first New-York graffiti artists in Paris, and you can feel the American as well as the European influence on his work ; however he manages to find his own style, “Each one of my paintings is an abstract improvisation” he says of his work. He’s an artist who never slows down, as he says himself, he needs the artistic creation in order to keep on going.

This new exposition is appealing not only by the large size of the canvases, but also by the colors that catch the visitor’s eye. “Today I can tell in advance which colors I’m going to use. I try to make more poetic shapes, whereas I used to use more violent colors.”

JonOne is bringing street art to galleries : “I would like the art world to consider my work as something that was fostered in the street, sure, but also simply as JonOne’s work”. As antithetical as it might seem when it comes to street art, an artist expressing himself on canvas is intriguing and appealing.

The JonOne’s solo show will take place between June 25th and July 30th, 2009 at 18Gallery

Opening on Thursday June 25th, 2009 from 7 PM to 10 PM

Information : 021-63237066X2201 Isa Cui

– website :

Press contact :

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