XMEN Crew by TATU on artcrimes

Okay, sit down and enjoy the story you’re about to read. As a young child I went to school in Brooklyn Heights NYC. I attended a Catholic school filled with 99% Caucasian kids, myself and a handful were Latino or Black. At that time I never even noticed graffiti. In 1979 I started to attend Brooklyn Technical HS. In the beginning of my freshman year, I was a kid who felt out of place – never having had to go to public school before – so I just kinda laid in the cut and observed.

My cousin (later to be known RES1), who also attended the same Catholic school as I did, was also going through the same ordeal. He was attending Aviation HS in Queens. Well, one day he comes over to my house and has a Pilot marker with him and is was boasting how he is a graffiti writer now…


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