2 thoughts on “WRITER ON TOUR

  1. You would think a wroter who been around long enough who claimed to chase seen off the 4’s would know how to do a propper 3d

  2. you would think that a writer named seen who claimed to be the godfather of graffiti
    would recognize that to be the godfather you need to be the first so if blade is still alive then how can you be the godfather; you would also think that if you design the cover of a book for the vandal squad , then you are down with the enemy, but you must be another abc okey doke nigger that is caught up by the glamour, so if you recognize that the game is diverse then you would now that to be a real jedi knight you cannot drop dimes on your contemporaries
    or if you find the need to do that then what does that say about your level of integrity, clearly all is fair in love and war but get your shit straight it was the 6 line not the four, but it is normal that you are misinformed because you do not have the minerals , some do and others of us, pop shit you fall into the later category, but ask yourself why is your idol consorting with the enemy, false prophets create false idealogy, stay gold

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