Writer on tour (throwback edition)

T-kid the first time in Berlin, 1994. He was here for about a 9 days, i think. Adrian Nabi invited him and payed all the cost. He had to paint every day one or two pieces. Adrian Nabi planned everything out before. One Wall with Phos4 and Jay1, one with Shek and Poet, one with Wesp and Bisaz where Jay did also some characters, one with Inka,Rew and York, and so on and on. I think the only one who didnt paint with T-kid, was Odem. maybe because of false pride or politics. Most of the walls, where published in the first Issue of the Backjumps Magazine under the title: “T-kid boom’in Berlin”.
I can remember when T-kid after a week was saying: “When the fuck did i see something from Town?, i didnt had seen anything until now, only painting, painting…come on Nabi give me a break, only one day, some sightseeing maybe, this is a place of History over here”. But Adrian reply: ” Our Time is running out man, peoples are waiting for you. You have to paint as much as possible, so that people learn as much as possible”.
One of the last walls he should do was with the entire GFAcrew. Back then, consisting of Kage, Eso, Shek,Poet and Gina. But the weather maked a monkey wrench in our plan. It was heavy rainning and the Wall that was chosen, were to wet to paint. So Adrian called up one guy of NHS (Neukölln Hustlers), to ask them if we all could go to their Hall of Fame, dirrectly located at the S-Station Neukölln, wich has a roof. The Hustlaz agreed and so we finally painted together this huge wall in the 44 neighborhood with T-kid and also some members of TFB and NHS. I did an “Yesim” piece that day. There was also a huge crouwd of writers and kids out of the Neighborhood, on the Street watching the whole thing and messing around, while we where painting. But it was a great and funny day. The picture i took, shows T-kid the Legend from N.Y.C. (with a gun from Dos) with the original first Generation of the Neukölln Hustlers: Dos, Jame, Not1, Seol and Jone in 1994, wich Names became Street legends later, for different Reasons, in Berlin and especially in their infamous district of Neukölln. Good fellas Style


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