Skalitzers presents its next show in the Fine Lines series: Arunski & Poet: ‘Tradition, Historie, Sucht’

Skalitzers presents its next show in the Fine Lines series:
Arunski & Poet: ‘Tradition, Historie, Sucht’5th – 24th March 2011Vernissage: Saturday, 5th March 2011, 19 – 23 HRThe tag is temporary, static; it is subject to the will of it’s environment and the cruelty of time. The Writer performs a tag on the wall. The Painter makes an imprint which is then removed from the street. Although deconstructed, the energy of the tag now lives in the imagination of The Painter who, with great speed, divines new worlds from the imperfect impression. This final creation completes the transformation of the tag.
Growing up in West Berlin during the Cold War, Arunski  and Poet  met in 1988 and became members of the infamous GFA crew in the early-1990s. The two artists first collaborated in 2010 on a series of works combining elements of writing and painting  with the first featured in Backjumps Vol.4.2.
Skalitzers presents their first gallery show with a series of works which draw from Poet’s background as a prolific writer and Arunski’s spontaneous expression as a freestyle MC.
Join us with the artists for opening night of the third show in the ‘Fine Lines’ series, exploring the role of tagging within contemporary art.
Fine LinesThe tag, also referred to as handstyle, urban calligraphy or ‘writing’, is a personal statement or signature: an expression of identity. The work of many artists starts and ends with the tag. For some the tag represents the basis from which they developed their style into less abstract art forms. For many of these artists tagging is a relevant part of their work, others’ entire message is contained within their tag. Reaching across culture, class and age, the tag is a global art form: a pure form of self expression and style. Originating in Philadelphia in the 1960s and New York in the early 1970s, for decades it has laid the foundation for a number of related art forms which have developed from the streets to galleries worldwide.

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