1. Oh no I wouldn’t touch that little crispy monkey he got all types of std’s and if I give that retard ovie the tool he will fall in love and become obsessed with me like he does with all the graff groupies Omg to non worth it bums! But for the record I’ll jizz in ovie’s right eye while cope spanks serg on his lap for disrespecting his daddy!! Sissy bitches

  2. SPEK RIP..But don’t ever mention his name in the same breath as these clowns. If he was alive he wouldn’t rock with you dickriders. Please stop hooking him up. Its an Embarrassment to his name. Loyalty Before Royalty!!!! BTC Legends!
    JEETHEGOD..Born to Conquer!

  3. ^^^^^^these Btc dudes are soft when spek got killed (rip) none off these dudes went after his killer or his killers boys to represent they guided police to the arrest of dudes killer! (:read joe blows book) so the question is how loyal are you bitch?

  4. @ Jee the only clown ass nigga here is u. Ok look at u talking about loyalty and switch siding cause u dont even do shit for Spek when all these fake ass toys is dissing him out there fuck outta here and talk about loyalty really was u loyal when u knew Doe snitch me out on paper work that I gave to u in your hands but yet u still went to his block chilling with this snitch nigga and playing domino s with him on some dick licking shit U call that Loyal u clown ass Fuck outta here, @ lease if Spek was alive u wouldnt see him do no shit like that his real boys..Dont fall outta text because of the problem between me and your brother Doesnt concern u fall back instead of coming on here commenting acting like child and an asshole!!!!

  5. JEE its funny u come on here talking shit maybe u need the new Subway shit sandwich foot long that your brother always mention. The sad shit is that im pretty sure Spek must be rolling over on his grave for the bulshit ya niggas be doing on the low.. Listen Im done I dont even know why I brother with Clown asses like u,Whatever Be knock yourself away writing shit about me on here real nigga s know THE TRUTH I guess im that important that the only comments I see on here is always on my page guess that means SUCCESS!!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  6. Hey Jee your a real cool brother always thought your real cat as well as Ovie and Serg those 2 older cats are still keeping the game going. The real problem here is your brother Ratnando. I understand that’s your brother and all But you cant blame Ovie for putting him out there on blast, Bottom line your Brother is a Snitch and got caught out there in that video Ovie put out that i saw. I thought Ovie use to be the snitch but that boy proves and does his thing hardbody with Serg. So dont hate on them your brother Ratnando is the blame for all this that’s going on trying to put Serg and Ovie in the mix. Ratnando you Rat move out of my Bronx already your eating up all the cheese on the welfare line.

  7. LOL..Niggas be getting tight! I see Ovie grew some balls, Should have had them on you when PER was going to slap you and you started crying. Now you be rubbing Ben Gay on his back when he comes from work, Lmao. Don’t get me confused with these writer niggas and computer cupcakes. Enough talking with you bums. If you almost 40 and still sleeping on your mama couch you are not qualified to have a conversation with me.

  8. listen mr fernando ferrer!! aint nobody got caught out there!!! ok first of all that wasnt vsq emailing me and i sent that email to!! it was mr cousin bang!! greg nicee@gmail ok and he knows who he is!! its all good cause when i see him ill take it from there!!! that video dont say or proves nothing!!! the real people who did see it said it was so stupid and corny ok!! people who know me know i aint no mofo snitch or coward!!! the cowards are you mofos on here who hide under fake names but will never step or say this to my face!!! why cause you know wtf will happen!! i went to court for 18 months cause i wouldnt snitch on greg nicee!! 2 cases in manhattan and the bronx which they wanted me too!! in the end i plead guilty to his train!!!!!! to get a conditional discharge and 6k in fines!! he knows it and i got the proof in my paperwork which ive tried to reach out to him to show him but since mofos wanna play games disrespecting me acting like they vsq and knows i caught them out there they dont wanna come see me!! and mofos wanna disrespect my auto thats another issue which will be handled when i run into homeboy!!!!!! this is beyond videos and fake vsq emails its personal when you fuck with my shit you will see whos the mofo coward when our roads meet!!!! if im a snitch cmon prove it lets see some real official documents cmon show the world not some fake paperwork from some mul herbs who got punked already and mr greg nicee who emails me acting like hes vsq!! like cmon who sits down on a comp and acts like they vsq police like really you hate on me that much you mofo!!!! you wanna disrespect me then get tight cause i blew your spot up in a email that youve been disrespecting me for months!!! nigga fuck you!!!!!!!! and you act like you real and loyal fuck outta here!!! soon as i stepped to this mofo on the issue he deleted the email!! the shit that gets me is that mofos can disrespect me talk shit run there mouth but when i come at them hard body they try to flip it like ima snitch!! like cmon you mofos know i aint know snitch if that was the case mr dig wouldve gotten arrested 18 months ago when i first got arrested ok the problem here is that its you mofos who just hate on my real success!!! welfare!! cmon im living large upstate ny in my own home 2 acres making crazy $$$$$ while you haters still struggling working for some bullshit company while im the boss!!!! and it eats yous up inside so yous wanna call me a snitch!!! fuck outta here its played already cmon!!! lets see some real proof!!! the day i see real proof ill quit ok!!you mofos are sad!! as for ovie we spoke its dead our beef was personal and its over he took the video down cause he wanted to! i dont care about it it doesnt define me or will ruin me cause i can make videos to!! but for what to amuse you hating ass mofos!!! listen if ima snitch show me some real proof and thats that if not fuck you and off my dick ok!! and mr fernando ferrer step to me since you know so much cmon sup lets meet up you pussy!! ill meet you any were anytime!!! i got no time for this im done here im counting gee$$$$$$$ while yous on here sucking me!!! get a life already yous cant do me none!!! im a coward prove it come shoot the fair one cmon anybody!!! im ready!!! fuck yous ayo jee stay out this bs will see mofos when we see them they know the deal whats going to happen trust me im eating my weaties and doing my push ups!!! cause im grounding and pounding!! then will see whos the snitch coward ok say no more!! you fucked up mr cousin bang not me!!!! so dont try to flip it!!!

  9. MUL stay up on this site under fake names trying to talk street, you suburban kids aint fool anyone except serg, who is their bx ghetto pass. serg the only one on here actually getting played in real life being loyal to a jew girl with a retired sheriff dad and a trust fund subberban whyte boy whos pops died and left him travel the world money. serg why u so loyal to these white folk? ill never get it, they dont care bout you son. this whole shit a soap opera.

  10. MUL stay up on this site under fake names trying to talk street, you suburban kids aint fool anyone except serg, who is their bx ghetto pass. serg the only one on here actually getting played in real life being loyal to a jew girl with a retired sheriff dad and a trust fund subberban whyte boy whos pops died and left him travel the world money. serg why u so loyal to these white folk? ill never get it, they dont care bout you son. this whole shit a soap opera.

  11. Cope chased serg with a bat on broadway he caught him in front the supermarket begging for change with a half Newport in his ear and a indie t-shirt on the only reason he got away because he slid into a manhole from all the vasilene he wears to protect him from his ashy snake skin! Utah use to take care of him while she was in America but since she left to become a Thai resident he’s broke and depressed living in ovie’s house in the closet next to all the canvasses ovie can’t sell! Serg just apologize to cope he can save you give you life again you can be his butler for his new home upstate!!!!

  12. Everyone always talking bout Serg but u kno what he a stand up nigga and very loyal and he ain’t a rat unlike other niggas in this game Serg been doing his thing b4 mul and mul jus made him more of a star so til the end it’s made u look bitches

  13. everyone in NY that use to push KD hard has quietly snuck out the back door. the only people left who push it are in other cities and wouldn’t know the truth about cope anyways.

    you dont see hundreds of comments (anonymous or not) about utah and ether
    being snitches. and you don’t see anyone screaming about the paperwork being
    fake except for cope.

    oh well.

  14. Also going to what Irish Goodbye said, If you look at all the KD History lineup from NY they use to have a pretty decent crew, But once Cope made his mark to the world he pretty much went for self and putting on a welfare smut India on and leaving his peoples to starve for the foul rat greedy cheese eating he does, Not to mention the benefits that was provided to him by the NYPD. Good going Cope nice way to make a living and accomplishing your goals, I see those NYPD benefits came in handy.Hope those 2 acres were well worth it to fill up with Cheese!!!!

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