Originally hailed from the borough of Queens, artist KR, better known as the man behind KRINK, grew up during the heady days of New York’s 1980s sub-culture scene. In the midst of a convergence between skaters, punk musicians, and graffiti writers, KR formulated the basis of his own style. Soon, his signature “paint drips” started to cover anything and everything around the Big Apple. Goes by his given name ofCraig Costello now, you could still find those paint drips street art on postal boxes, unassuming doorways, as well as collectibles like these from luxury label Coach. Available in the forms of weekend tote, luggage tags, billfold, zip wallet, portfolio, and iPad case, the limited collection features Costello’s notable paint drips and spatters. To ensure the utmost accuracy to Costello’s artworks, Coach replicated the design in exact fashion by screen printing each up to 30 times. The result isn’t just an enduring heirloom but individual work of art since no two designs will be alike.

Part of Coach’s Bleecker Signature Line, the KRINK x Coach Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is available via Coach online store and retail locations worldwide starting now till end of June.



Coach Men’s – Bleecker Street
370 Bleecker Street | Map
New York, NY 10014
TEL #: 212-243-3612




Check more from the collection  here  via


  1. What a clown, he “formulated drips as his own style”? Not only did this fool take the secret of ink mops and sell them to toys for his own benefit, but he’s a sucker who walks around with this entitlement like he’s done anything for this culture. Real writers straight laugh at dude when he walks by.
    When we came up you had to know how to make your own mops, your own inks. Now thanks to johnny trust fund you can walk down to your local art shop and buy it.

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