He’s able to ‘tag’ wine label : @MRCOPE2

HE’S GOING from graffiti to grapes.


image (2)

Fernando Carlo, better known as Cope or Cope2, was once a prolific graffiti tagger who struck subway cars and walls across the borough with his bubble letters.

But these day, the self-proclaimed “King of the 4 train” is breaking into the bourgeoisie by pairing up with an Upper West Side wine merchant.

67 Wine & Spirits on Columbus Ave. will sell a limited edition 2009 Spanish blend called La Caldera 67, featuring a label designed by Cope.

The colorful idea is the brainchild of Oscar Garcia, a wine buyer and sommelier who works at the 73-year-old store near Lincoln Center.

Garcia says the decision to blend his love of grapes and his appreciation for graffiti isn’t as strange as it seems.

“Now, you see graffiti in galleries,” Garcia said. “But growing up in the city, I remember seeing the tags fly by on the trains. I wanted to recreate that memory.”

The sommelier said the vintage is as authentic as the big bold bubble letters on the label.

“This is a real wine,” the 33-year-old insists. “It is a wine that is full-bodied. It is something unique and representative of the city of New York.”

The grapes used for the Cope collaboration come from Bodegas Luzon, a winery in the southern Spanish province of Jumilla.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/bronx-graffiti-artist-cope2-made-move-street-art-sommelier-article-1.1571405#ixzz2pzthmKOk

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