Graphic Surgery Erosie and Tomek “CROISEMENT ” at Celal Galerie

Graphic Surgery Erosie and Tomek (PAL) “CROISEMENT ” is the new show at Celal Galerie running this month .

The exhibition Croisement focuses on the similarities and the differences between the work of Jeroen Erosie, Graphic Surgery and Tomek. The common factor is their background in graffiti and working in public space, from where each artist developed a unique, personal visual language. Besides their shared background, they have a similar working method, embracing a friction between conceptual restrictions and intuitive freedom. Despite these overlaps, the outcome of their creative process is significantly different.

Four artistic researchers who are far from being satisfIed with a motionless aesthetic. They share the idea that it is important to push the result of the work to the background, looking for new and other territories.Each of them have a past and a present on the walls of the cities they encounter. This triggers them simultaneously to grow away from that in their studio works.This exhibition is the opportunity to cross those different aesthetical creations, results from research and experiments, in which the main rule is to re-­‐explore the concepts linked to a certain idea of freestyle.

here is a couple of pictures

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