12 Questions: In his own words – DUEL ONE

DUEL ONE shares with us some of his thoughts about social media and graffiti, his motivations and the origins of the legendary RIS crew. A Queens native, DUEL is among the few who have crushed the streets of New York “back then” and continue to get up in 2014. He does not shy away from the title of “vandal” but also knows the importance of education and responsibility as his time served in the military shows us.

Introduce yourself and give any crews you’d like to mention?
I write DUEL. I represent RIS and my crew MCI, Most Criminally Insane.

You’re from Queens correct? What neighborhood specifically?
I am from Queens, Flushing area. A relatively quiet area not far from the 7-Line.

RIS crew is one of the longest running and well respected crews in graffiti, what does RIS stand for and where did it originate?
RIS stands for Rocking It Suckers or Rocking In Style. Based on what GHOST told me, RIS was started by LOST. It was originally a “breaking” crew in the late late 70s to early 80s. The crew eventually evolved into a graff crew. As far as I know, the crew is Queens based. Not sure if it was College Point or Flushing where it all began but those two towns are right next to each other so I guess either answer would be right.


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