Original 1983 Vaughn Bode (Hardcover) Graffiti Outline Book

Im From the upper west side of Manhattan In NYC and
I grew up around all the Rock Steady Crew, IBM, and TC5 Members.
When I was a teen I was given a Number 1 issue of a Vaughn Bode
book by Doze Green. whats special about this book is it has
Throw ups and tags of legendary Graffiti Artist:
Devious Doze (Doze Green), Psycho, Poke, Poze, Koze, Bom 5,
Joey and Pel (RIP). Which are some of the main members of
the infamous Graffiti crew IBM, TC5 and breakdance legends THE ROCK
STEADY CREW. It was also used as a yard book and
to do various other Murals across New York City, which
I have photos of a finished BOM 5 Burner in the bronx that illustrates the
Bode characters used in the burner You can also see and
feel the speckles of spray paint along with some of the
colors used on the pages. In addition it has been used
as an outline for a number of Top to bottom burners
on lee jackets done by Doze Green, as well as a piece
that Doze Green had done in Rock Steady Park which
is on 97th. street and Amsterdam in which I also have a photo of.
The wear and tear of this item comes from being handle by
Numerous Graffiti artist. This is a once in lifetime buy. You
will never see a item like this anywhere! Own a part of GRAFFITI History!!!

check the full set here

feel free to contact me by email (info@whatyouwrite.com) Serious Inquiries only, Thanks.

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